Smallest Sound at the Biggest Distance

A composition for a global orchestra

 The Smallest Sound At The Biggest Distance is a composition for a continuously growing orchestra. Anyone who owns the packaged composition with the score and the instrument becomes a performer in this orchestra. The composition has a beginning but no end. Every time a performer plays the score, the composition continues. The time interval between the individual events can range from a few seconds to a few years. The distance between the performers can vary from very close (in the same space) to very far (on two sides of the globe).
This way, the orchestra continuously grows in the number of its members and spreads out around the world with its performers.
The Smallest Sound At The Biggest Distance is part of the Intergalactic Project which includes the performance Intergalactic (An Attempt To Overcome The Binary) by Andrea Božić, Robert Pravda and Julia Willms and A World, a manifesto in the form of an artwork by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms.
Concept, design and composition: Robert Pravda
With many thanks to Nathalie Pravda, Kasper van der Horst, Taconis Stolk | Wlfr, Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | Tilt
Produced by Tilt  Intergalactic Project is made possible by the financial contribution of the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the SNSReaal Fund.
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Smallest sound at the biggest distance